Welcome to the federal party headquarters of the CDU Germany.  Here you can find an overview of the various activities of our team in the party headquarters (Konrad Adenauer House). These include the strategic and conceptual preparation, as well as the execution of political campaigns.

Election campaigns nationwide are designed and supervised in the Konrad Adenauer House, which involves for example the choice of election campaign issues and their realisation as information and advertising material. Support for individual candidates is also coordinated from the CDU headquarters.

The focal point of our work is the dialogue with the people in the country. We encourage the development of political awareness with various discussion forums and lectures. Being a contact point for citizens, not an administration compound is the guiding principle of our headquarters and the job of the Konrad Adenauer House. Together and in tight cooperation with our local city, regional, and state associations, we are building bridges in our society.

At the head of the CDU Germany since April 10, 2000, is the Party President, Dr. Angela Merkel.  She is supported by the Secretary General Dr. Peter Tauber, who leads the business of the party in union with the Party President.  The leadership and coordination of the five departments within the…

Located on the sixth floor of the Konrad-Adenauer-House, overlooking Berlin, are the offices of the Party Leader, Angela Merkel and her members of staff.  On the same floor, in the Office of Foreign Relations (BAB), the so-called 'diplomats' of the Konrad-Adenauer-House maintain international…

Chairwoman of CDU Germany
Dr. Angela Merkel

Secretary General of CDU Germany
Dr. Peter Tauber


Vice President
Volker Bouffier

Vice President
Julia Klöckner

Vice President

From Town Councils past the State Parliament to the Bundestag (National Parliament)
The people's party CDU contributes to the political development of principles in our country on various parliamentary levels.  In order to fulfill that purpose and work together more efficiently, delegates…

Please find the Grundsatzprogramm of CDU Germany in various languages on the pages of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung.

Konrad Adenauer House

The Konrad-Adenauer-House is the most strikingly distinctive building in the newly constructed complex in what is known as the "Tiergarten Triangle". The southern part of Tiergarten, known as the so-called "Klingelhöfer Triangle", has played a leading role in the cultural and spiritual life of…

The Konrad-Adenauer-House is limited to a heigth of 18 meters, as are the surrounding buildings.  Two upright attic floors highlight the corner block at the Lütkowplatz.  Only the ground floor of the office building spans across the entire reach of the plot boundary.

From above, it stands…

The concept of putting a winter garden inside a glass exterior, covering the ellipse-formed office building is a essential component of the ''intelligent house.''

The winter garden itself provides an 'in-between room' thanks to the the free form of the building's central construction and…